Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summertime, and the Living's Not Easy

Its been such a long, hot summer for us here in SW Louisiana, I confess that my kitchen has been mostly closed. My husband has been working out of state, my son & I are the only two around the house, so most days it's been easier to scrounge something than make a real meal. We've eaten out more than we should have; eaten a lot of cold cereal and made a lot of sandwiches--followed by Popsicles that melt if you take too long to eat them.

I have done a few things, though, from my it's-too-hot-to-cook-but-we-gotta-EAT repertoire.

Stove-top Barbecue Chicken is always a favorite-I usually serve it over rice--I love the BBQ 'gravy' that it makes.

And believe it or not, I make a lot a soup, even during the summer--anything that I can do in one pot on one burner on top of the stove suits me just fine...

from Taco Soup...

to Chicken Corn Chowder

Occasionally, I even brave turning on the oven, as long as it's something that doesn't take long to bake, like this White Chicken Pizza, made with jarred Alfredo Sauce and ready-made pizza dough,

or Stuffed Bread, made with pizza dough and meat-and-cheese (and even veggie) filling of your choice.

My hubby is home this week, which always means more cooking on my part, so I'm hoping to have a couple of new recipe posts up later this week.

Meanwhile, how was your summertime cooking this year?

Until next time, good cooking and good eating!

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  1. All those meals looks delicious! I love your blo; it's so nice to find other southern writers!