Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Look

How do you like my new look?

I've been wanting a new look for a long time, and recently started playing around with some different blogger templates, but I'm such a scaredy-cat, plus I waffle back-and-forth so much that always just went back to my original look---until this time. 

Something about this one I like.  So here it is--my new look--at least for now.

Coming this week, I have:
  • some pictures and a recipe for a beautiful loaf of Challah (bread), made simple by using a bread machine to make the dough.
  • also a review of some freeze-dried soups and an entree from eFoodsDirect, a line of freeze dried products available for use for long-term storage, camping, disaster planning, etc.
So, what's been cooking in your kitchen?

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