Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

We eat lots of vegetables these days around my house--not a statement I thought I've ever be making! 

For years the vegetable selection in my cupboard and freezer was limited to predominately peas, corn and potatoes, with an occasional green bean thrown in for good measure.  I thought I had really branched out when I started feeding my family frozen mixed vegetables!  Here lately, though, I make lots and lots of oven roasted vegetables--crispy baked kale, brussels sprouts, and root vegetables, along with our tried-and-true favorites, and we've all been a lot more willing to at least try vegetables that we used to scorn.  

And that's what has lead me to try something way outside of our little comfort zone--pizza crust made out of---wait for it---cauliflower. My initial response was "eeeewwww", since cauliflower is one of those veggies that I have disliked since childhood.  However.  Since I've had some success with other eeewww-factor vegetables by cooking them in unusual-for-me methods, I decided to give this a try.

Since my husband and I are meat-eaters, and my son is a semi-vegetarian (another reason for me to widen my vegetable repertoire) I decided to make two crusts, one for a meat pizza and one for a vegetarian version. 

Ingredients: (makes two crusts)
  • 2 bags frozen cauliflower
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups finely grated mozzarella cheese
  • 1 t dried minced garlic
  • 1 t salt
The first step was to steam the cauliflower.  All of the recipes I'd read on-line mention that the cauliflower needs to be as dry as possible after cooking, so I just covered mine and put it in the microwave from frozen with no extra water and cooked it until it was softish, about 10-12 minutes or so.  

The tips I read said to use a ricer, which I don't have.  I tried a potato masher, but my cauliflower wasn't really soft enough to mash well, so I broke out my mini food processor and more or less grated it.  Then I added eggs, cheese, salt, and garlic, and mixed well.  I ended up using my hands to be sure the egg was well incorporated.

Next step, I divided the "dough" (sort of a almost-but-not-quite-"mush" really) into two portions, and pressed each out--one onto this lovely well-used pizza pan... so

And one onto this never-used pizza stone, both of which were sprayed with cooking spray first.


Note: Next time I will use parchment paper instead of cooking spray, because mine stuck.

I baked these at 400F for about 25 minutes, until they started to get firm and light brown on top.  

On the meat-eaters pizza, I used basic spaghetti sauce from a jar on half, and pesto (also from a jar) on the other half, topped with cooked ground meat and grated cheese blend.

Bake at 400 degrees for about five minutes, or until toppings are hot and cheese is melted.  When I got this out of the oven, I thought it needed more cheese, so I added another handful of mozzarella and stuck it back in the oven for another couple of minutes.

As noted above, the crust stuck pretty badly, so my plated pictures aren't pretty at all, and I totally failed to get a picture of the vegetarian version, topped with pesto, kale, and cheese, but it was a success, as well.

I have to say--this doesn't taste like regular pizza crust, but it's still good in a different kind of way.  I will definitely try this again, with the tweaks in cooking techniques that I've noted. And get this--it's not only healthier for us because of being made from a vegetable, it's low-carb, and fairly low-fat, also! So it's win-win!

Next time I will use parchment paper, and do the pre-bake slower and longer.  The one on the metal pan stuck worse, I think, but the one on the pizza stone was still damp underneath in the middle.

Until next time, good cooking, and good eating!

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  1. I've made that before, Charlene! Pretty yummy way to use up the cauliflower in the garden. Have you tried roasted cauliflower? One of our favorite snacks is cauliflower coated in Buffalo chicken sauce and then roasted with a bit of ranch dressing on the side. As a matter of fact, I just made myself hungry thinking about it! LOL!

    1. Oh, that sounds delicious--my son who is a vegetarian now had just remarked that he missed "wings" on occasion, this sounds like a good substitute!

  2. We love making pizza crust (and all sorts of other stuff) out of cauliflower but haven't in a while. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  3. What a clever idea! I'm all for anything that makes pizza healthier! :)

  4. This is such a unique idea and I have a feeling, we would love it. I am not big on pizza crust and this is certainly more healthy.

  5. oh heavens me! This soooo good! Thank you for sharing :)